Trees and Shrubs

The Garden Center is currently closed for the season and will reopen in March 2016!

The addition of a decorative tree or flowering shrub can be the difference between a flat landscape and a stunning one.  At Rice’s Nursery, we offer a top quality selection of trees and shrubs that are certified and completely disease free. When you choose Rice’s Nursery, be assured your trees and shrubs will be beautiful and healthy for many years to come.


At Rice’s Nursery we have a 100+ acre tree farm where we grow beautiful maples, dogwoods, pears, and more. We choose our tree varieties based on how well they flourish in this region.  All of our trees are guaranteed to be healthy and robust.

A flowering dogwood is the perfect addition to any landscape in need of a little variety. With blooms most commonly found in shades of white or pink, the dogwood tree is known for its delicate beauty. Its unique four-petal blossoms appear in Spring, but with brightly colored Fall leaves, red berries, and an attractive shape, the dogwood is a pleasure to look upon year-round.

Since it’s a moisture-loving tree, the dogwood is ideally suited for Akron/Canton Ohio. The pear tree, which bursts into bloom around mid-April, is also highly adapted to the Northeast Ohio climate. While the maple, with a full shape that creates both shade and privacy, is a quick growing tree that requires minimal care.


Ideal for sprucing up walkways, entrance doors, or roadsides, shrubs are great for creating interest and privacy in suburban landscapes.  Maybe you’re looking for a natural alterative for a fence, or a border around your patio area. Whether for decoration or otherwise, Rice’s Nursery has top quality shrubs for your next landscape venture.

Our selection of shrubs includes flowering hydrangeas, azaleas, knockout roses, and more—all of which are sure to add beauty to your home both in and out of bloom. We also have versatile evergreens such as boxwoods, a gardener’s favorite. Perfect for creating borders and boundary lines, boxwoods give your lawn or garden a look of order and neatness.

Deciding where to place your plants is often a trying task; our Certified Landscape Professionals can help you choose the perfect locations for all your trees and shrubs in order to make the most of your home’s outdoor potential. Stop by our garden center today to check out our extensive, choice selection of trees and shrubs.  

Not sure where to find us to purchase your trees and shrubs? Directions to Rice’s Nursery are available here