Mulch For Sale: Delivery or Self-Pickup

A cornerstone of spring lawn improvement is applying mulch. Rice’s Nursery has several types of mulch to choose from that would improve the aesthetics and help the soil as well. And to make it quick and easy, you can buy mulch online and receive mulch delivery! If you live near Canton, Ohio, here's why you'll want to get your mulch from Rice's Nursery.

Buy Mulch Online!

Applying mulch to your beds will retain moisture, suppress weeds and improve your soil. Along with weed prevention, our mulch acts as a protective layer to stop and prevent soil erosion. Mulch will also provide a rich, dark color that will accentuate your flowers, shrubs and trees. Determining the type of mulch to use will depend on color, texture, duration and of course price. Certain plants will do better with finer mulches such as Sweet Peet or Triple Ground, while Double Ground mulch is best for most beds that have trees, shrubs and perennials. Rice's mulch is high quality, composted and not cheap, dyed-pallet wood.

Applying mulch to your landscape adds both an attractive and practical feature. With different colors and textures, you can customize your lawn to stand out from your neighbor's or blend in. Stop in or call Rice’s Nursery to buy your mulch today, or you can skip the lines and order your mulch delivery online. You'll love how easy it is to order and receive delivery on the weekend you prefer!